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Welcome to the online HQ of Green Gates Entertainment (GGE). Here you'll find the storytellers of GGE hard at work creating all sorts of coolness. If you are into superheroes, zombies, wizards, dragons, video games, roleplaying games, science fiction, fantasy and general coolness, then this is probably the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Check out the links below to see the worlds of GGE.

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GGE News


Green Gates Entertainment signs licensing agreement with Onebookshelf.com

GGE signed a licensing agreement with onebookshelf.com, the operator of a digital marketplace for roleplaying games, comics and fictions titles through their various online sites.

GGE will produce roleplaying titles based on "The Warchitect" that will be fully compatible with The Pathfinder RPG from Paizo Publishing. These will be featured on the Drivethrurpg.com website.

In addition, GGE will produce a line of metahuman roleplaying products based on their Bloodlines Universe, home to Sanction and The Danger Guild. These will also be featured on the Drivethru site.

GGE is very proud to be a publishing partner with Onebookshelf.com! Pathfinder products are being playtested now!

Wild Child Publishing to publish "The Forsaken"

"The Forsaken", GGE's western gothic tale of horror in the old west, will be published by Wild Child Publishing.

"We are really excited to be working with such a respected publisher," says Joel Gates of GGE. "I can't imagine a bettr scenario for us right now."

The contracts have all been signed! Look for a release date soon!

The Worlds of GGE

Visit the sections below for updates on publications, productions and free online fiction to give you a flavor of each setting!

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